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Steps of the certified demolition process

Steps of the certified demolition process

A certified demolition contractor operates according to the demolition process as described in the BRL SVMS-007. A distinction is made here between the following three situations:

  • Demolition projects where less than 10 m3 of demolition material is released
  • Demolition projects where more than 10 m3 of demolition material is released
  • Urgent demolition projects

The certified demolition process roughly follows 4 steps:

Step 1

The demolition contractor carries out an advance inspection of the demolition object and an inventory of the materials. This provides insight into the nature, quantity and any contamination of the released demolition materials. An inventory is also made of the risks to occupational safety and safety to the surroundings.

Step 2

A demolition plan is drawn up that includes, among other things, a description of the method of selective demolition and environmentally-friendly demolition, the processing and removal of released material flows and the safety measures that have to be taken. Furthermore, the implementation requirements of the client are presented systematically.

Step 3

The execution of the demolition occurs in accordance with the demolition plan. During the execution of the demolition works, employees are involved who are experts in the area of safe and environmentally-friendly demolition. Certified demolition contractors work with approved equipment. The demolition contractor must ensure that the demolition location is safe and well organised and the released material flows do not contaminate the soil and the surroundings.

Step 4

The delivery of the project takes place in consultation with the client and is set down in writing. A substance account of the released demolition materials is drawn up by the demolition contractor, which is supplied to the client upon request.